Best Homemade Coffee Recipe that you need to try with Coffeeshan

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Learning to prepare your preferred coffee blend at home helps massively. Especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic, in which public locations are closed and individuals are confined to their houses. Because the infection could spread if people continued to mingle, restaurants, coffee shops, and other public places have been shuttered.

The only way to get a great pre-ground coffee for cold brew is to make it at home. So, as a coffee junkie and lover, I decided to create my cold brew at home with Coffeeshan. So, today I’m going to provide several DIY Cold Brew Recipes that you can make at home.

This method is straightforward to execute, plus it allows me to make use of some remaining pre-ground coffee from my kitchen. I generally followed the recipe’s instructions, but I had to make a few adjustments to suit my preferences. If you follow these steps, you’ll never need a drive-through again.

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Ingredients that you might need 

To make a perfect Cold brewed coffee:

1. Ground Coffee

2. Cups for measuring

3. A spoon made of wood

4. A wide container to hold your coffee when making cold brew coffee at home.

5. You’ll need something to sift the coffee; filter paper, cheesecloth, or a clean old cloth will suffice.

The Process

My coffee recipe suggested flavored-free coffee, but I went for caramel coffee instead. Although cold brew is sweet enough already, I thought adding caramel to the mix would heighten the flavor.

Because readymade and packed coffee are so coarsely ground, using ground vs. “whole” beans will not create a larger difference in your DIY cold brew coffee. In any scenario, one cup of ground coffee is required.

Next, to my cold brew coffee, I poured four glasses of water. You may add as much water as you like, but the more watery you make, the milder your coffee will get.

Cold brew’s entire notion is that it absorbs and sits in the refrigerator for a long time before being served.

Soak your homemade cold brew coffee for at least 12 hours to get the best taste. Since I increased the recipe, the duration I have given it was to let it sit for a full 24 hours.

I’ve consumed several cups of cold brew coffee when the base of the container is nothing but filthy grounds. To eliminate this, filter your cold brew coffee before serving. Over the rim of the pitcher into which you’ll be pouring your coffee, drape a cheesecloth. After that, take your batch out of the refrigerator and strain it over the cheesecloth.

There may be times when you don’t feel like leaving the house but still need to fetch your coffee. This method allows you to make cold brew coffee at home with coffeeshan, avoiding the huge waits at the drive-through and allowing you to experience pre-ground coffee for cold brew at your place.