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Steroids for gaining lean muscle mass

For a long time already the dogma has ceased to operate – first of all, we gain muscle mass, and then, we keep the “cycle for drying”. Nobody adheres to this principle for a long time. The whole secret is that for a beautiful relief body you need to count not only calories, but also watch your diet carefully and take various supplements.

Steroid cycles to get relief

The concept of ” drying cycle ” is used by many athletes, but only the secret of beautiful muscles is not only in the use of anabolic steroids themselves, but in various kinds of diets and strength training. Many athletes share their experience of using such drugs not only on social networks, but also on various forums.

Choosing a drug

Many medical professionals note the fact that steroids for gaining lean muscle mass are not at all similar in their functions. They differ in their anabolic and androgenic functions, but also in the mechanism of action on fat cells and tissues.

Winstrol is a very popular drug for creating a relief body. Its main advantage is that it promotes fat burning and at the same time prevents the process of catabolism of muscle fibers, which is very important.

Before using this steroid, you need to make sure that you have gained enough muscle mass. A completely safe PCT drug is Proviron . It has practically no contraindications to use and its effectiveness is low. The list of drugs for increasing muscle volume is very diverse, among them testosterone, trenbolone, and not so long ago, the hubbub of growth and peptides became popular . Before starting the cycle, you need to analyze the recommendations. The drugs can be used by men over 25 years of age.

Additional recommendations

If all your efforts are aimed at getting the best results, then you should not forget about diet, strength training, sports nutrition. Sports nutritionists recommend taking growth hormone (growth hormone) and protein to build muscle.

Solo drying cycles

Among the main steroids for gaining lean muscle mass, the following are the most popular:

  • Anavar (Oxandrolone) is an anabolic synthetic steroid. Recommendations for use: 3 times a day: 20 mg in the morning, 20 mg at lunchtime and 10 mg in the evening, preferably before 1800. After completing the cycle, you need to take a 3-month break. For an enhanced effect, it is recommended to back up this cycle with the intake of clenbuterol or other analog fat burners.
  • Tamoxifen is a non-steroidal antiestrogenic agent. His reception begins at the end of the cycle with anavar – in two days.
  • Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, but it costs much less than its predecessor. Sold in two forms: tablets and injections. It is worth noting that the second form has less effect on the liver than pills. Injection rate: 50 mg per day. This dosage is quite safe for the human body. Winstrol tablets are used in two passes, and it is recommended to use most of it in the morning on an empty stomach. Experts recommend at the end of the use of Winstrol to undergo a cycle of liver restoration with the help of hepatoprotectors.

Combined cycles

As you know, many drugs help if they are used in addition to other analogs. Lean muscle building steroids work the same way. Let’s consider the main cycles.

Winstrol + Testosterone Propionate

This combination of drugs is one of the most effective both for drying the body and for increasing muscle tissue. The increase in muscle, as well as the decrease in subcutaneous fat, are directly dependent on the training and diet you choose.

Testosterone propionate is one of the most common steroids in bodybuilding. This tool very quickly launches anabolism, which means that the cycle of administration is much less than in the rest. The drug can cause side effects, while you need to reduce the dosage to 50 mg, and every other day.

Testosterone propionate is the most demanded AC among steroids for gaining muscle mass. The above drugs are similar in their properties and mechanism of action, but differ only in the ease of administration and duration of action.

Tamoxifen is the main post cycle therapy. The cycle begins 5 days after the last injection of propionate. The safer options for health are the drugs clomiphene or toremifene, which are recommended to be taken two days after the last use of Winstrol. In this short period, your body must rid itself of a significant amount of testosterone. Do not forget also about the cycle of hepatoprotectors to restore liver cells.

Primobolan or Boldenone + testosterone

The above combination is used not only to gain mass, but also to effectively dry the muscles.

  • Primobolan is a unique steroid that has no analogues, significantly accelerates the process of anabolism and does not cause side effects.
  • Boldenone is a more affordable steroid. Many athletes report increased appetite on a boldenone cycle.

It is worth remembering the fact that drying your body depends not only on what steroids you are taking, but also on the calories that are present in your diet. This is why it is not only beneficial, but also rational to keep track of the calories consumed and get on the scale every day. Believe me, the result justifies the means, in a short period of time you will become the owner of a beautiful and relief figure.


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