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Steroid cycle for a beginner: what to use for the first time and how to recover

Athletes looking to create a beautiful, sculpted body know about a category of sports drugs such as steroids. In order for the use of pharmacological agents to be beneficial, not harmful, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules for their use. Steroid cycles for beginners cannot be chosen on their own, the appointment of certain funds must be carried out by a specialist.

Do not strive to achieve a quick effect, increasing the dose of taken drugs without control, you can provoke unwanted side effects. Those who have not had experience of taking medicinal sports drugs should limit themselves in the amount of funds and the duration of the cycle of admission. Before compiling a list of drugs you need to buy, carefully read the information about the risks associated with their use.

If you go to the gym just to keep your muscles in good shape, then weigh all the arguments in favor of and against AAS, and if you decide to engage in professional bodybuilding, then you can hardly do without their use.

Steroid weight gain for a beginner: choosing the “right” drugs

The wrong approach to the use of drugs in this category can lead to the development of diseases such as hepatitis, or lead to adrenal atrophy. Ready-made steroid cycles for beginners involve taking two types of drugs: oral and injectable. You can resort to using two types of drugs at the same time, but inexperienced athletes are preferable to opt for oral pharmacological supplements. You can stop your attention on such drugs as Anavar or Dianabol.

This category of funds also has a minus – they will not give you the same result as injectable drugs. And the use of oral steroids for a long time can lead to serious disruptions in the liver. Be sure to consult a specialist before using oral AAS.

Safe cycle of steroids for a beginner: which drugs to choose

Dianabol is one of the most popular and safest remedies for beginners. The drug is taken orally, the first cycle with its use is quite effective – this has been repeatedly proven by various studies. But this remedy also has serious side effects – it negatively affects the liver. Therefore, 1 cycle of steroids for a beginner with Dianabol should be done for no more than 8 weeks: you take the drug for 5 weeks, and it takes 3 weeks to recover. The recommended daily dose of the drug is no more than 30 mg.

In order not to lose the accumulated muscle volume and recover faster after the cycle, the drug Nolvadex is recommended for use. Given that the overwhelming majority of anabolic steroids significantly reduce the level of testosterone production in the male body in a natural way, Nolvadex, on the contrary, increases the level of synthesis of this biological substance, contributing to the early restoration of the normal hormonal background.

Clomid is an analogue of Nolvadex, but taking this drug requires a different dosage and has a different duration.

The group of drugs Nanondrol – in its effect on the body is similar to testosterone, but the main difference is that Nanondrol has less androgenic effect. A ready-made cycle of steroids for a beginner with this drug should not last more than 10 weeks. The total dosage per week is not more than 500 mg. To reduce the level of estrogen in the body, it is recommended to take Arimedex in parallel with this drug.

To increase muscle volume evenly, you can take Winstrol oral steroids. Their main advantage is the ability to gain dry mass, since the drug does not retain water in the body and the athlete does not look “swollen” after the cycle. The daily dose is not more than 50 mg, the total duration of admission should not exceed 5 weeks. Winstrol steroids have another attractive side – the absence of side effects associated with a large amount of estrogen in the body.

Before making a choice in favor of one of the above drugs, it is imperative to consult with a therapist, donate blood for tests to check if you can take steroids. All these measures are necessary in order not to harm your body, not to endanger the liver and heart.


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