Some Tips to Get Rock Hard Abs at Home

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Abs, anyone? Yes, you all say in unison. Clearly, there is a craze for good firm abs all across the world. While females are complimented and revered for their hourglass figures, males are complimented and envied for their muscular physique and abdominal muscles.

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The Craze for Abs

Quite clearly, the craze for good and firm abdominal muscles has been happening since the beginning of time. Or at least the beginning of organized body building as a sport.   

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A Mark of Respect

The veneration and respect for abs has been growing day by day and in fact, has turned into a global phenomenon, thanks to all the noise and attention it is given on social media.

From Instagram to TikTok, from Facebook to Pinterest, pictures, images and videos abound that are devoted to promoting and emphasizing this part of the human body.

It’s quite surprising, but nevertheless, that’s the reality for sure. And it appears it will stay that way for a long time to come.

Unrealistic Assumptions

The fashion industry is one of the first culprits when it comes to filling our heads and hearts with unrealistic assumptions and desires. One of these is about perfect physiques and abs.

A Global Culture

Like it or not, when this fact is extrapolated on popular culture, then it stands to reason that it places unneeded pressure to conform to these stereotypes.

Males devote a major part of their spare time to this folly. Maybe it’s because they want to appear more attractive and pleasing to the fairer sex.    

The Adonis Complex

Do you know that just as there is a waist to hip ratio defined for females that indicates the perfect hourglass figure, there is a similar concept for males? It’s called the Adonis Complex.

The phenomenon is in fact named after the Greek god Adonis, whose body represented an exquisite standard of masculinity. However, many researchers say that the Adonis complex has in fact led to its own share of male body image problems, due to its being unattainable and unrealistic.

A Host of Problems

It has caused otherwise intelligent and sane males and even young boys to take up compulsive weightlifting and exercising, use steroids and other artificial and even dangerous methods to achieve success.

It has even led to eating disorders, such as binge eating, purging and bulimia. Sometimes it even results in full-blown body dysmorphic disorder. 

Getting Rock Hard Abs

However, I had to bow down to popular culture and try to get hard rock abs for the sake of my girlfriend. She told me she wanted me to look and feel great. Although I feel that it was in fact a symbol of her own insecurities, I nevertheless agreed to take up this Herculean task.

The exercises that helped me most of all was using an ab- roller, Roman chair and Russian Ab Twists. I also did burpees, planks and varied my regimen from time to time to get rock hard abs that are the envy of my girlfriend today.