Some Common Misconceptions about Dog Foods

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If you are a pet owner, we daresay that you will be somewhat confused about the dog foods available in the market. The confusion is all about which foods are the best for your Bezzie (pet best friend).

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You and your Bezzie have a connection

  • Yes, no doubt you will have noticed that by now. Psychologists have long claimed that pets have a profoundly positive influence on their owners and in fact, the pet owning family at large.
  • You only have to see how your pet runs to the door of your house in anticipation of your arrival. Pets have animal instincts that enable them to sense this much better than humans.
  • So no doubt you will see your pet dog running to the doorstep and wagging its tail before you pull into the driveway of your residence.
  • Pets especially dogs and cats can be trained to play games such as fetch and there are many videos on the internet that are devoted to their loveable and playful antics.
  • And no one can refute the fact that when your Bezzie is ill or injured, the whole house goes into a state of sadness till your pet is back on its feet again. 

Going through the Pet Food Maze

Anyone who is a pet owner these days will rightfully be astounded by the types of dog food that is available in the aisle of the local supermarkets.

You would think that they would make it simple and sweet but no, they want to put in so many varieties that even pet trainers are sometimes confused.

We would like to clear some misconceptions and give you good advice on what is best and safest to feed your dog, so that good health is maintained.

Holistic Foods: These dog foods are meant to cover all the pet’s nutritional requirements and serve as a complete food that you can give your dog without many concerns.

It is meant to put you at ease that your dog is getting a complete food.  

Organic Foods: Dog foods may be 100 percent organic, 95 percent organic or more than 70 percent organic.

It may contain all organic ingredients, organic ingredients from which water and salt have been removed, or where at least the top three ingredients of the dog food are organic.

Raw Foods: These dog foods are meant to replicate the kinds of foods that dogs find in the natural environment, that is, in the wild.

A breakdown of these foods show that they have a variable combination of raw meats, coupled with grains, mashed vegetables and tender bones.

We might add here that going this route may be fraught with some difficulties, since there is a chance of your pet getting micro-bacterial infections.

You may also be surprised to note that there is no well-established scientific evidence to show that feeding dogs a raw based diet is better than a conventional diet.