We love what we do, and most importantly, we understand very well what we offer our clients.

The story of our store opening is quite simple. The owner of is a person who himself was fond of sports from early childhood, and now, being in adulthood, continues to visit the gym and work with iron. And what prevents you from combining sports and business? Nothing, it’s true!

If you go to the gym not just for the sake of pampering, but with a specific goal – to make yourself a body, to be prominent and muscular, to remove excess fat, then you cannot do without steroids.

Our online store offers its customers the largest assortment of quality anabolic steroids – 500 products of 50 different brands are presented in our catalog, and we are always happy to advise you, answer all questions in order to help you choose a product specifically for your physical needs.

We are always glad to see you and will serve you at the highest level!


We work only with reliable suppliers

All commercial products that are presented in the catalog are branded products of American and European companies specializing in steroid drugs. Both regions have advanced facilities and technologies in the development and manufacture of anabolic steroids for sports, and this in turn is a guarantee of quality.

Due to the high level of competition, a wide assortment and “survival” in the market are ensured in order to satisfy the client’s needs in obtaining high-quality and truly useful products.

We make purchases only from trusted and trusted suppliers.

We are open to new contacts and proposals, therefore we are considering any options for cooperation with new companies. For us, the main condition is the factor of product quality, that is, the availability of certificates, which we can subsequently provide to our customers.

By making a purchase in our store, you protect yourself from counterfeits and the risk of purchasing low-quality steroids.


More and more drugs, better quality

During the entire operation of our store, we were able to expand the assortment tenfold, and this is not the limit. We continue to purchase new drugs, offering our clients more and more interesting and useful products.


Large selection and fast delivery

The online store strives to create the most comfortable and pleasant shopping experience for its customers. You can find and order an AAS, and it will take no more than three minutes. Our consultants will always answer all your questions and tell you how to choose the right drugs for yourself.

Each product has a detailed description, characteristics and instructions for use, which you can familiarize yourself with.

Leave your feedback on the quality of service and the product you bought, because your opinion is very important for us to make the service as good as possible.

Dispatch of the purchased products is carried out throughout the New Zealand territory. Order steroids today and tomorrow you will be able to use them in your diet.


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